Tijntje (tijntje) wrote,

Maybe I've got a guardian angel afterall

When I got a place to call my own, I vowed to never ever ever have any dealings with UPC (the local cable company). Since I live in an apartment complex, and since I'm not allowed to have a satellite dish on my balcony, I had no alternative but to take their cable TV service, though. But I promised myself that I wouldn't use their internet nor their phone services. Ever.

Fast forward more than 3.5 years. I'm not overly happy with my ADSL, and UPC has a pretty decent offering - More bandwidth for less money, with a telephone plan that would cost significantly less per minute, and I'd even get a DVR to boot. I was actually seriously considering switching, the main reason that I hadn't done so last weekend was a viral TV ad hinting at "something happening" in this area on wednesday.

I must have a guardian angel, reminding me why I didn't want to have UPC - The TV is dead, Jim - service page claims there are no incidents, and urges me to call a non-toll-free service number which I know will just put me on hold for at last half an hour before telling me that, sorry, they're closed for today and that I should call back tomorrow..

OK. I got the hint. Can I watch Bones now? Kthanksbye
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