Tijntje (tijntje) wrote,

All the things I'm not.

Stolen from the entire world minus me.

if i were a stone, i would be... rolling
if i were a tree, i would be... in the same place I was last year
if i were a bird, i would be... doing my droppings someplace else!
if i were an insect, i would be... annoying
if i were a shape, i would be... looking for a way and form
if i were a fruit, i would be... waiting to be graded.
if i were a flower, i would be... patiently waiting for a bee
if i were a kind of weather, i would be.... the subject of a lot of smalltalk
if i were a mythical creature, i would be... unreal
if i were a musical instrument, i would be... nothing without someone to play me.
if i were an animal, i would be... better off than that tree
if i were anything in the world, i would be... something.
if i were a coulor, i would be... spelled incorrectly. (Hey, I stole this from hennes)
if i were a fragrance, i would be... gone with the wind.
if i were a state or feeling, i would be... emotional.
if i were a vegetable, i would be... bound to be someone's dinner.
if i were a sound, i would be... noisy.
if i were an element, i would be... elementary, dear Watson.
if i were a fossil, i would be... dead for at least a few thousand years.
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