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And now for the results...

I tried putting it in a more or less readable table, but I mucked it up and made it look all crummy. Considering my unl33t n00b html skillz this was to be expected.
1"I was searching on a one-way street"ELOSweet talking womanSee below.
2"How high's the water, Momma?"Johnny CashFive feet high and rising
3"The devil just bought a brand new [..] penthouse in heaven"Golden EarringParadise in distress
4"La la lalala la, la la lalala la"OffspringSelf EsteemGuessed bybrama. Hats off.
5"Words like violence, break the silence"Depeche ModeEnjoy the silenceGuessed by yady & phelyan, more or less at the same time.
6"I can't give, when you give nothing in return"Ilse de LangeAll alone
7"You don't need your name in bright lights"JamiroquaiHigh Times
8"I'm so happy cause today I found my friends"NirvanaLithiumGuessed by phelyan
9"I don't remember what day it was"GoldfingerMore today than yesterday
10"You bored me with your stories, I can't believe that I endured you for as long as I did"The CorrsI never loved you anywayDescribes my current relation with itunes.
11"Heaven is closer now today, the sound is in my ears"Fiction FactoryFeels like HeavenI really expected someone to guess this one.
12"Damn those eyes, keep me torn inside"KaneDamn those eyesI almost gave it away at that!
13"Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once"Green Day, Blue GrassBasket Casephelyan guessed the original artist; can't really blame him for that. Bluegrass punk might not be everyone's piece of cake.
14"Well he's not necessarily trying to say that he minds it"Jack JohnsonMiddle Man
15"You should've seen by the look in my eyes, babe, there was something missing "REO SpeedwagonI'm gonna keep on loving youyady got the title right, phelyan found the artist.
16"I know you've heard so many people say, I've got a different girl in every town"RoachfordCuddly toy
17"Risin' up, back on the streets"Global KrynerEye of the tigeryady & phelyan never assumed I was listening to a bastardized version involving Tiroler music. ('reinhören, legal download)
18"Dying swans, twisted wings"Iron MaidenBrave New Worldphelyan once more
19"Scarecrow on a wooden cross, blackbird on the barn"John MellencampRain on the scarecrow
20"Are you hungry? Are you sick?"RadioheadWe Suck Young Blood

Actually, I might've cheated a bit. In retrospect, the lyrics of #1 should've been "[title], where did you go?", as this is in the intro (And usually omitted on lyrics sites..). The line I posted is the first line of the first verse..Oops.

[edit: added linkie]
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