Tijntje (tijntje) wrote,

Lyrics meme

Inspired by troo:

Like troo, I cheated a bit. I skipped all instrumental songs (duh), skipped all non-English songs, and made sure there's only one song by each artist in order to spice things up, but this is what itunes threw at me..

20 songs, shuffled, lyrics' first line only - you guess artist and title:

  1. "I was searching on a one-way street"
  2. "How high's the water, Momma?"
  3. "The devil just bought a brand new [...] penthouse in heaven"
  4. "La la lalala la, la la lalala la" (brama)
  5. "Words like violence, break the silence" (yady / phelyan)
  6. "I can't give, when you give nothing in return"
  7. "You don't need your name in bright lights"
  8. "I'm so happy cause today I found my friends" (phelyan)
  9. "I don't remember what day it was"
  10. "You bored me with your stories; I can't believe that I endured you for as long as I did"
  11. "Heaven is closer now today, the sound is in my ears"
  12. "Damn those eyes, keep me torn inside"
  13. "Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once ?" ( phelyan, wrong artist though )
  14. "Well he's not necessarily trying to say that he minds it"
  15. "You should've seen by the look in my eyes, babe, that there was something missing" (yady, wrong artist though)
  16. "I know you've heard so many people say, I've got a different girl in every town"
  17. "Risin' up, back on the streets" (phelyan / yady), wrong artist though.
  18. "Dying swans, twisted wings" (phelyan)
  19. "Scarecrow on a wooden cross, blackbird on the barn"
  20. "Are you hungry? Are you sick?"

#13 and #17 aren't exactly by their original artists - I'll tell you that.

I'll post answers in a few days
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