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Because my internets at home has been dead for about a week now, and since this greatly impairs me being able to talk to mubeimmik and others, I decided to go to my parents house, even though they're not at home. (They're being touristical in Egypt).

And guess what? NO INTERNET. It would seem that their router has ceased to be. Dead in the water. Doesn't even bother to flash even a single LED. And because their ISP (Chello) binds to a specific MACaddress, getting their Windows desktop to work is a bit of an issue. It would help if I could figure out the MACaddress of the router, but with it being rather dead, it's not going to work. But luckily my dad has all the important data regarding his internet connection written down.

So I now know that the box of the cable modem said "QTY: 1" on the outside. I also know their old IP address. And I know the serial number of their old cable modem. All very important and relevant information if you want to revive an internet connection, I tell you. You really need it, unlike trivial and unimportant stuff like "What is the username and password to the self-help service that you need to access to modify the associated MAC addres".


Luckily, the neighbour accross street still has his access point wide open, so I at least have *SOME* connectivity, even though it's spotty at best.

In other news, my mortgage developed a serious problem, due to the life insurance company needing more time - this after sitting on their lazy arses for 4 weeks doing nothing. As a result, I will not have a mortgage covering next friday - when the transfer was supposed to take place. I hope I'll get it all figured out, and that I can convince the selling party to move the transfer for a week. Otherwise, I'll have a serious problem: I'll be breaking the selling contract, which means that I'll have to pay 10% of the transfer sum plus expenses. This amounts to 13.000 euro + expenses (Which are another 2.000 euro).

So no, I'm not a happy bunny at all.
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